Analysis Of The Article ' Global Revolution On Family And Personal Life '

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There are a multitude of reasons that the American family is different from the “traditional family” of yesterday. The ways that these changes are influencing people are extremely positive but there will always be a negative person to point out that a few of them have the capacity to be harmful and unwanted. These changes in family are seen most noticeably in the West but are also making their way to the East as well, though at much slower rates. While reading the article “Global Revolution in Family and Personal Life”, it is noted that the author sees the American family as stronger than ever. Giddens shows that throughout history the family has continued to change and is better now than it ever was. The American traditional family is a family unit that comes from the 1950’s. This was a time when there were both parents in the home that were married with at least one or two children. Most often the mother did not have a paying job, but instead stayed home to help with household necessities and the children while the husband went out and was the breadwinner. While that version of the traditional family seemed nice it has been updated to improve the lives of everyone in that unit (Giddens). In every family there are arguments and issues, but in the past if the relationship became intolerable or physical, there was no real way to leave the marriage due to its contract status. Marriage was often seen as nothing but an economic commitment and divorce was never…

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