Analysis Of The Article ' Face, Race Bias Turns Toys Into Weapons '

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Recently the issue of police brutality has come to the attention of the public. With the rise of technology and social media people have had more access to footage of these violent acts. Thus, people have started to take notice of the excessive force being used by the police on people of color even when they are unarmed. This leaves the public to wonder, why it is that police react more critically with Black suspects than White suspects? A recent study derived from these observations, shows that if a toy gun is associated with a Black person rather than a white person, people are further inclined to incorrectly recognize the toy weapon as a real gun (Charis-Carlson, 2016). Although, it does not completely answer the question, it definitely provides further insight into what is going on.
In the article “Study: Face, race bias turns toys into weapons” published on, Charis-Carlson (2016) describes the experiment that resulted in those findings and discusses the consequences of racial biases. The experiment was done at the University of Iowa and the researchers wanted to know from what age a Black boy starts to be seen as a threat. Therefore, they ran an experiment to see if the the stereotype of black men being violent started with kids as young as five, and hypothesized that the racial bias for the boys would be less than the racial bias towards men (Charis-Carlson, 2016).
Tod, the head researcher, and his colleagues conducted several studies with White college…

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