Analysis Of The Article ' Dude ' By Scott Fabius Kiesling Essay

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The article “Dude” that I was asked to present to the class was written by Scott Fabius Kiesling, an American sociolinguist, whose interest in the field of language and gender prompted him to investigate the functions and meanings of the word ‘dude’ in American cultural discourses.
The first thing I discussed in my presentation was the goals that Scott Kiesling pursued in his paper, namely find out “the patterns of use for dude, its functions and meaning in interactions”, the reasons of its rise in use in 1980s and “how language is socially meaningful”. Then I briefly stated the methodological framework, including various data sources, which Kiesling utilisied in his research. Both were discussed in detail during the whole presentation.
I consider that historical context in which the word ‘dude’ has formed its contemporary indexicality was important as part of the analysis conducted by Kiesling, that is why I also explained to the audience the process of transformation that ‘dude’ had undergo, how it started as the ‘old rags’ and ended up to connote the feeling of ‘cool solidarity’.
Kiesling argues that ‘cool solidarity’ has remained with ‘dude’ until the present times. That assumption was proved to be true in the paper. Indeed, as his first survey showed, the usage of ‘dude’ was considerably low in mixed-gender interactions, while it was high in male-to-male interactions. The results of the first survey confirmed that ‘dude’ indexes solidarity and connection between a…

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