Analysis Of The Article ' Currents Must See Tv When Late Night ' Television '

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Throughout the past couple of years political satire has started becoming more acknowledged and respected throughout our society as an outlook on current affairs while adding in a touch of humor. From mock news programs such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Last week Tonight with John Oliver and The Daily Show to political parodies that Saturday Night Live put on every Saturday, there is a body of political humor that can be explored and characterized in a way that can be informational to us and still seem entertaining. While these are well respected programs that provide viewers with a practical and playful understanding of current affairs, late night political humor has the ability to undermine and persuade how we understand politics in our world. In the article “Currents Must-See TV When late-night went political” by the concept of late-night television wasn’t a popular idea until the late 1960’s to the early 70’s. One of the first pioneers of late night television, Dick Cavett, believe in the idea that he could make fun of high political elites, while covering hard topical news and maintain an entertaining personality. Though this aggravated President Nixon, because he was being made fun of, there was very little that he could do to screw over Cavett for what he had said about him. In a PBS documentary, Cavett explained that he set out to create an entertaining talk show, not realizing that he created a bit national scandal (Ip, Chris). Though Cavett was not…

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