Analysis Of The Article ' Bring Back Flogging ' By Jeff Jacoby

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In the 21st century we be in locking out criminals up in cages, but that was not always the case. In the 1600s there was the punishment of flogging. According to the Cambridge Dictionary flogging is inflicting pain by hitting or beating someone with a stick or whip in front of the public. The Boston Globe article “Bring Back Flogging” by Jeff Jacoby, is about if flogging should become an acceptable punishment again. Even though Jacoby’s claim is reasonable the author is still basis on the topic because he wants you to agree with bring back flogging in the justice system.
Jeff Jacoby is a well-known columnist for the Boston Globe’s. “He attended college at George Washington University and Boston University ("Biography")”. Jacoby is seen as a credible write and most people believe what he write. In the article he states his opinion and the opposition, but not evenly. He mostly writes about reasons why we should use flogging in our justice system. When Jacoby writes very little on not having flogging and puts little effort in convincing the reads it’s not a good idea. This shows that Jacoby wants the reads to side with his opinion. With the article stating more about good things of flogging this makes it unethical. He states “Why is it more brutal to flog a wrongdoer than to throw him in prison- where the risk of being beaten, raped, or murdered is terrifyingly high (Jacoby)”. With this he says that flogging is less brutal than putting someone in prison, even though they are…

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