Analysis Of The Article ' Appropriateness Of Turning On The Right And Bear Arms '

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Within the article, Tunick examines the “appropriateness of turning to Locke” in regards to the right to bear arms and analyses how his work is still relevant to modern day debates and is not strictly restricted to 17th century England, the time in which it was written. Tunick cites Dunn’s position saying that he “simply cannot conceive of constructing an analysis of any issue in contemporary political theory around the affirmation or negation of anything which Locke says about political matters” due to its lack of relevance to present day. However as Tunick rightly points out in a footnote of the article, Dunn later changed his position and supports using Locke’s work in modern day issues, in accordance with Tunick, claiming that “It is primarily as an ideologue that we cannot let Locke rest even now in the massive peace of historical indifference. “ The accentuating of Dunn’s modified point of view works in Tunick’s favour as it provides supplementary support to his argument.

Similarly, Tunick references Steinberger who says that Locke, like Hobbes "was seeking a mode of argumentation and expression appropriate to issues that far transcended the here and now.” If this were false, Locke could have written in the context of England and the Game Act or other legislation but instead he focused on the questions of “whether natural rights such as the right of self-defence can legitimately be regulated in political society.” Citing Steinberger again strengthens Tunick’s…

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