Essay about Analysis Of Terry Mcmillan 's ' Waiting And Exhale '

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Terry McMillan’s book “Waiting To Exhale” was a groundbreaking phenomenon due to the influence it would have afterward its publication in outlets such as books and T.V. This story is centralized around four middle class, college educated black women. The four women of this book are essentially trying to find the right man and longing for true love. Though through much of the story it seems as if love is impossible to find, but these best friends come together and help each other in ways that best friends do: emotionally and professionally. Through the stories of these women, McMillan explores the social and cultural contexts of the lives of African Americans during the 1990’s. In the background of this book, McMillan puts certain emphasis on different political and social issues that relate to a time in the 1990’s. These issues include: topics of race as it relate the “American Dream”, and race as it relates to equality in the Martin Luther King holiday debate. McMillan uses the love lives of these four women to address problems of race, ethnicity and though Savannah and Bernadine this paper will analyze the role these problems have in romantic relationships. Undoubtedly McMillian explores the role race, gender and age play in a romantic relationship and though the character Bernadine we can see were and why these issues are hampering effecting her success both negatively and later positively in the book. In the book Bernadine is married to a man named John and after 11…

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