Analysis Of ' Sunrise ' And `` Sunrise `` Essay

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Most people tend to believe that the position they are in now is all that is intended for them. Many people believe where they are now in life is all they are suppose to be, nothing more nothing less. For the majority of our lives we are told by strangers and close ones that we have our path already laid out, that our ideas are stupid, or that we will never amount to anything in life.
Few rarely see or have that one person in their corner telling them or showing them that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. The song “Sunrise” depicts this perfectly not only visually but lyrically as well. The main takeaway shown on the video for “Sunrise” is about a young man going who is being bullied for his thoughts and ideas. Those around him push him, drop his papers, and slam him to the ground wanting to break him. He begins to have a break down and when he is at the point of giving up someone comes to his aid and lifts him up. He runs down a beach as he is being emotionally revived and finally feels as if he has found his purpose in life.
The video begins with sheets of paper on a desk with the top one reading “Our Last Night ‘Sunrise’,” it then shifts to the young man in a dimly lit room writing on a blackboard. The singing begins and it is told the man is a prisoner in his own darkness and despair and is looking for a way out of his sad paralyzing world. As he sits in a desk writing lyrics on a piece of paper. Someone then slams his head on the desk, he then shown…

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