Analysis Of ' Staying Put On Making A Restless World ' By Scott Russell

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Question 1: Scott Russell Sanders uses the appeal of logos throughout the passage, Staying Put: Making a Home in a Restless World, by appealing to logic, persuading the audience based on sense and reason. In this direct example from the text, “From the beginning, our heroes have been sailors, explorers, cowboys, prospectors, speculators, backwoods ramblers, rainbow-chasers, vagabonds of every stripe,” logos is introduced through excessive detail, giving more than plenty of examples in which we create our heroes to be free-spirits. This detail creates a sense of reason in which it’s logical to assume Americans like to move around based off the list of heroes presented. “In our national mythology, the worst fate is to be trapped on a farm, in a village, in the sticks, in some dead-end job or unglamorous marriage or played out game.” In using the phrase “our national mythology” it creates a sense of a nationally recognized belief, which stems to the appeal of logos in that it’s logical to believe this is the worst fate for it is nationally recognized. Sanders was able to use effective supporting evidence and logical reasoning to further support his claim about American restlessness.

Question 2: Sanders effectively uses the elements of voice throughout his passage to further his claim that Americans are accustomed to constantly re-establishing themselves. In lines three through six, “From the beginning, our heroes have been sailors, explorers, cowboys, prospectors,…

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