Some Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing Summary

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“Some Things, You 're Better Off Not Knowing ...”
If you were a teacher, how would you feel about all your students judging you on a public forum? After reading “Some Things, You’re Better Off Not Knowing…Thoughts on” by Aimee Morrison I went online to look at the ratings of the teachers that I have taken classes with and became agitated by how low my favorite teacher’s scores were. Most all of the review are from students who didn’t care enough to put in their best effort, or any effort at all, resulting in them having a lousy grade so they take it out on their teachers’ RMP score. RMP has become a site for students to let out their bad disgruntled irrational emotions. I think that RMP should revert back to what it was made for, legitimate reviews about the teachers teaching
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When a Morrison asked her students if they used rate my professor they came to her said “with nervous sympathy that my ranking on that site "is pretty bad" and that I probably shouldn 't look at it.” The students don’t understand how much preparation the teacher went through to get the lesson for the day ready for her students. This causes the teacher to second guess themselves. After a teacher does their best for so long and then being told that they’re a bad teacher causes them to not want to try as hard anymore, because they were giving their best effort and it wasn’t enough and often they feel it will never be. Another negitive effect of students writing false reviews like saying the teacher is a nagging b***** is that when students who have never met the teacher before, already have a bad opinion about the teacher before they have the chance to form their own opinion, causing the students to automatically disrespect the teacher. Writing inaccurate reviews on teachers also affects their class sizes, and I bet it affects the teachers’ income as

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