Medium Hair Styles Essay

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Snappy Men’s Medium Hairstyles – 35 Looks That Work!

Some men worry about growing their hair out – and with good reason. It can be difficult to maintain a neat, stylish look when your hair is at an in-between length. You may want just a little length to give you more options or you may be looking for styles to wear while you grow your hair long. Whatever it is that you need we’ve lined up 35 awesome men’s medium hairstyles to give you ideas!

# 1 Natural Brush Back
Comb cuts like the one seen here follow the natural shape of the head, making for a distinguished but still relaxed medium hairstyle for men. In this picture the hair is gently sleeked back, still allowing for volume and movement.

# 2 Effortless Swag
In this classic
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This is it. A sleeked back look with a clean undercut and locks that gently cover the transition.

# 33 Easy Living Dreadlocks
Far from being untidy dreads can actually look really neat – especially if you have them fall just past your ears and you add an undercut underneath to stop them looking too bulky.

# 34 Choppy Asymmetrical Look
In this look, we can see that the stylist cut the hair shorter on one side and used scissor cutting to create epic texture and movement. We love the choppy fringe too!

# 35 He’s Got Class
When you want to be taken seriously there’s nothing more effective than a classy haircut – just like this. This model’s medium length locks were blow-dried and fall just onto the ear on one side with an off-center parting and a brush over on the other side.

So as you’ve seen there are plenty of men’s medium hairstyles out there – you can rock any look from laidback to elegant with medium length hair. This length allows for more styling options such as deep comb over’s, man buns and even asymmetrical looks if that’s what you crave. The trick with hair at this length is to go for regular cuts and consider using an undercut to keep your look polished. Men’s hair has never been easier than

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