Analysis Of Slavoj Zizek, A Contemporary Philosopher And Cultural Critic

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Slavoj Zizek, a contemporary philosopher and cultural critic, says that happiness is a very conformist category. When I first heard these words, I immediately related them to my education. Do I really want to get what I think I want? It 's a philosophical question that presents the reality of a college student: we pursue something we think would make us happy, but most of us develop into uninteresting individuals, ready to get traditional jobs and go with the flow. In my opinion, college is slowly killing my creativity and I will choose to get out of this vicious circle that 's keeping me in the dark spot between my ideals and the reality. The answer to the student 's dilemma is obvious: work.

Since I was a little boy, I was always anticipating education as something I was obliged to. However, as I was quickly becoming a part of the traditional schooling system, I started perceiving the classroom as something monstrous. Teachers didn 't tell me anything about the things I wanted to know. I was interested in the Universe ever since I was little. They made me memorize historical data, math formulas, chemistry lessons and other details I did not want to know. The excuse is that we need versatile education that would help us discover our true interests, but the truth is that most of that information evaporates right after taking the tests. By the end of high school, I was already ‘customized '. I was ready to fit into the system and proceed to college. Was I prepared to follow…

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