Analysis Of ' Silencing The Night ' Essay

1041 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 null Page
Hey everyone, so I guess you’re all wondering about our new entry to Story, (slight change of voice) ‘Silencing the Night’. Just in case we have any newcomers, I am the chief editor for the online publishing magazine Story. What was I saying before? Right, ‘Silencing the Night’, a gripping (emphasis on gripping) story which is unlike the other “generic” (emphasis on generic) thriller stories. After talking with the author, who has requested to remain anonymous, we discovered how she initially intended to send us a restaurant review. But in a compelling story, she revealed how all her strengths seemed to pull her towards writing a short story which could better communicate to our young adult audience. Before we delved deep into her processes and advice for future applications, we asked her ‘why thriller?’ (slight change of voice). She replied with her obviously rehearsed response of, (change of voice to indicate different person) “well, there are so many genres but I knew that I didn’t want to write an adventure or romance story as I absolutely hate a clichéd story which is comparable to others within a genre. I wanted to be unique”.
So, what set her apart from other applicants? Well, the author hit the nail on the head by fully exposing the idea of identity, as was required by all of the applicants. But in addition to this, the story exposed the greed of the human race. You might be thinking (slight change of voice) ‘wow! How on earth did she come up with this?’. Well…

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