Analysis Of ' Saved By The Bell Essay

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Saved by the Bell: The College Years is a sitcom which focuses on the track and challenges students face as they transit from high school to college. In this TV show, six first year college students learn that the only way one can survive college is by relying on others. Although it portrays some realistic facts about college, Saved by the Bell seems to place stereotypical values on students, chooses to exclude some of the important aspects of college and fantasize some aspects of college academic life.
Saved by the bell: “The Pilot” does a brilliant job of bringing out stereotypical values of college students in characters. James. A. Forbes once said “When people rely on surface appearances and false racial stereotypes, rather than in-depth knowledge of others at the level of the heart, mind and spirit, their ability to assess and understand people is accurately compromised.” This quote explains how imprecise stereotypical values can cloud our judgement. In this sitcom Zack is portrayed as the charming, pretty guy who always seems to find himself in trouble. In college, pretty guys are always perceived as trouble makers and Saved by the Bell concretizes that point of view. Zack finds himself in trouble when he throws a party for Leslie because Mr. Rodgers had explicitly told them; “No loud parties during the week and no drinking.” He tries to solve the problem by running a fake contest but things backfire as he is confronted by Mr. Rodgers and has to raise the money for the…

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