Analysis Of Samuel D. Gosling And Oliver P. John 's Personality Dimensions

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The basic question that was addressed in Samuel D. Gosling and Oliver P. John’s “Personality Dimensions in Non-Human Animals: A Cross-Species Review” is the thought that whether or not non human animals had any sort of personality. Gosling and John discussed various personality types such as: agreeableness, extraversion, openness, dominance, neuroticism, and consciousness. Another question that was discussed was if they had personalities, and their activity level compared to human beings. The researchers doing the study predicted that there would be some similarities between human and animal personalities. They came up with personality codes to refer to personality types. They used the letters N for neuroticism, A for agreeableness, altruism, affection, E for extraversion, energy, enthusiasm, O for openness, originality, open-mindedness, and C for conscientiousness, control, constraint. The author then talked about how researchers predicted that more dominant mammals would have more human like personalities. There were participants from 12 animal species in this study; chimpanzees, gorillas, rhesus monkeys, vervet monkeys, hyenas, dogs, cats, donkeys, pigs, guppies, and octopi. Each of them were being tested for various personality traits. The first step to charting these various animals, was cartographers mapped out the globe and studied the animals picked for the study. They used various notations and techniques to find where the animals originated. Also, the…

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