Analysis Of Same Sex Marriage And The Church Of England

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Same Sex Marriage and the Church of England
When talking about same sex marriages, reference is often directed to gay and lesbian marriages or unions. The debate on same sex marriages has often attracted heated responses from concerned quarters. The key factor of contention, as research affords, is whether or not same sex marriages should be legalized, seeing that marriage has always been considered to be a fundamental institution within the society. History provides a specific timeline for the derogatory malfunction of the institution of marriage, from the substitution or interchanging of the roles of husband and wife, to the proliferation of divorce as a common occurrence or outcome of marriages. Therefore, commentators view the advent of same sex marriages as a final nail on the casket that is the institution of marriage. Popular literature suggests that public opinion seems to be evolving, and, as such, support for same sex marriages is set to become widespread
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In this regard, this paper limits religion to the Christian perspective alone, with specific reference to The Church of England. The first argument against same sex marriages is based primarily on the intended sexuality of human beings, which as is evident in the bible, distinguishes between a man and a woman, or the male and female gender (Archbishop’s Council, 2014). It also establishes God’s plan for the institution of marriage. In Genesis 1:27 (New King James Version), God created both male and female in his own image. Chapter 2:18 continues to state that God made Adam a helper, who he named woman. These two verses principally establish the individual sexuality of both male and female. Therefore, when God created man, he made both male and female. As such, the Church of England emphasizes that marriage is strictly between the two opposite sexes (Archbishop’s Council,

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