'A Spirituality Of Ecclesiology': A Critical Analysis

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The Church is often associated as the old building where people are required to sit for an entire hour and listen to the priest give his homily. It is the place people have been taught to respect and give reverence to, yet it is also the very same place that people despise and take for granted. Many of the youth nowadays reject the Catholic Church and instead focus on their personal relationship with God. They view the Church as a mere institution with rules and regulations that hinder them from being free with their faith. However, the Church is very misunderstood. There is still much to know about it and Ronald Rolheiser’s A Spirituality of Ecclesiology provides eye-opening insights and information that clarify many ideas and notions about the Church. The reading is centered on correcting previous conceptions about the Church or, rather, the idea of the Church that makes people apathetic and disinterested. Attacking the main misconceptions first before addressing what the Church actually is, helps clear …show more content…
The article puts forth various answers for such a question and, through it all, one main theme is shown, the theme of Apostolic community. The community brought about by being within the Church of God is an inclusive, encompassing love that brings hope and help to those willing to give as well. This helped generate a sense of hope and belonging, the fact that non-Catholics were mentioned as well, even briefly, helped promote the inclusive image of the Church. One idea that scares most people is that the Church calls us to be greater than what we are, it is hard to dislocate ourselves from a comfortable life without the heavy obligation that the Church puts on us. What the Church calls for may be too high a price for many people, but what it results in, for us, seems to be beneficial for all those within

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