Essay about Analysis Of ' Rita Dove : Crossing Boundaries

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In the past few centuries, feminists have taken it upon themselves to combat the misogyny and sexism women face by speaking up through any form, including poetry. They have touched on subjects such as women embracing their sexuality, the acknowledgement of the intersectionality of cultural identities, and the objectification and commodification of women. Poetry can be used to make political statements, so it should not be surprising that women would use the art form to voice their opposition to gender inequality. Rita Dove is a self-proclaimed feminist poet that writes about the misogyny and/or misogynoir women experience. In Ekaterini Georgoudaki 's Rita Dove: Crossing Boundaries, Georgoudaki describes Rita Dove perfectly by writing: "She appropriates, defies, subverts, and reconstructs the traditional male-centered poetic discourse to convey her own complex vision. She speaks with the voice of a world citizen who places her personal, racial, and national experience within the context of the human experience as a whole, and celebrates its richness and continuity" (430). As a black feminist, Dove always tries to speaks out against sexism and tries to address the multiple forms of oppression against women. Rita Dove, an influential contemporary feminist poet, uses the female gaze to challenge social norms and address feminist issues in poems such as “Fox” and “Adolescence-II” by translating the experiences of women and discontent with our patriarchal society in her works.…

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