Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez's Hungar Of Memory

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The dynamics of any family can be complicated. A family that is in a strange country will have even more stress than the average family, especially if that family does not speak the language of the land, and is unfamiliar with the customs. This is the situation for Richard Rodriguez 's family as explained in his autobiography Hungar of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez. In his memoir, Rodriguez explains the transfermation he makes during his education. Rodriguez details how he becomes a sholarship boy, and the effect his transformation has on himself and his family. Learning English has a profund impact on Rodriguez and his siblings. The lack of English vocabulary that Rodriguez 's parents possess also has great influence on the Rodriguez …show more content…
In his last year of graduate school, Rodriguez travels to London to study English Renaissance literature for his dissertation. While studying in the British Museum, Rodriguez realizes he is part of a lonely group. This group of scholars that Rodriguez belongs to is not only isolated from the rest of the world, but from each other. To make matters worst, Rodriguez identifies with the writers of the literature he is studying. This gives him an even more profound feeling of isolation. This feeling of loneliness - and maybe even resentment of what he is becoming - makes Rodriguez yearn for home: for his …show more content…
Rodriguez is plagued throughout his life with questions of who he is, and what it means to be a minority student. Rodriguez is continuisly confussed by the two worlds that surround him - his Spanish speaking family, and the English acadimia that he is eager to assimilate. At one point in his life Rodriguez does not even know by what name to call his parents. Rodriguez 's memoir is a testiment to the scholar that he has

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