Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez 's ' The Girl Who Wouldn 't Sing '

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Richard Rodriguez believes that the Americanization of a bilingual child will result in their public gain. “Aria” by Richard Rodriguez is a heart-wrenching piece of writing about the full Americanization of Rodriguez resulting in his native language of Spanish being forgotten and the full submersion into the English language. Many of the events Rodriguez faced in his life are present to many other bilingual students’ today. These events that bilingual students’ are facing will strongly influence their decision on struggling to learn two languages at a young age, stalling the development of one of their languages, or being forced to choose one language or the other in a full assimilation. Rodriguez’s viewpoint is that if you want to make a full assimilation into the English language and become fully Americanized, you would have to commit to your progression within the American society. However, Kit Yuen Quan’s “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Sing” is distinguished as a counterargument of Rodriguez’s claim that English can be merged between a person’s private language and public language with the full emersion of the English language. Quan often felt distant in her native and distant languages because of the lack of diction needed to explain herself. Quan affected her development within her languages because of her dwindling confidence due to the lack of knowledge in the languages literacy as well as the lack of clarity in.
Seen through the eyes of Rodriguez, to really proceed farther…

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