Analysis Of Ria Chinchankar's Speech

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Ria Chinchankar was giving and speech and asked them what is a perfect men and women. One the reason why she said that is because that it shows hoe people see themselves and that shows how gender role act, think, and speak. She said all human are affect of how people see him or her and with that it makes them perform poorly. She even said in one of her report when the woman took the SAT they are scored 20% lower on the math portion because of the stereotype threat. The reason why she said that is because once you bubble in on the SAT asking for your gender type and it leads to woman thinking that they 're not going to do good on the test. People may think that woman should be kind and nursing but also there 's many thing people may not know …show more content…
Even though she is bias to the woman she has some point that is so true in the society. In many schools they do not really except Woman because they can 't take the challenge of what they 're giving. She also see some parts about the men she took a call from Plato say " A man who quits himself while in war should given more liberal opportunity to sleep with a wife" this shows that if you 're not willing to die you 're not die you 're not a man at all. You 're more like a woman instead. She also use an example of Romeo and Juliet that Romeo should stop being emotional and be a man she said even till this day it 's like the same thing boy you should not show emotion at all and should be a minutes that it 's like they program to be a robot instead of the humans. The stereotype of men can impact them especially if they are mentally illness. It makes them not able to reach support because they might be judged. She said this is why the suicide of male two times higher than a female. This idea to make them not to love can be fatal. Overall throughout her speech she says those view both of them as people and teach one of the one another how to survive and to help them rise and equality

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