Essay on Analysis Of Ray Carver 's ' The Third Bank Of The River '

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Thorough out life, many people experience different challenges. In these stories the main characters all go through different types of challenges. The main character in Ray Carver 's "Cathedral" has the challenge of isolation and social awkwardness. The character Robert has the large challenge of being blind. In Jorge Luis Borges ' story, the main character has the challenges of insomnia and loneliness. And finally, the main character in J.G. Rosa 's "The Third Bank of the River" has the challenge of taking his father’s place in the boat on the river. Also, the family faces the task of continuing life with an apathetic father who is there physically but not with them completely or emotionally. We all face challenges, whether it be a physical challenge like insomnia or blindness, or a mental challenge like loneliness, social awkwardness, or a missing father. How we deal with these challenges defines you as a person and allows us to learn whether through failure or success in traversing these challenges.
In Borges ' story, "The Circular Ruins '" the main character has many challenges to overcome. One of his most prominent challenges is the challenge of dealing with insomnia. He is physically drained and tired as he attempts to create a son to live with him. The narrator describes how insomnia affects the main character as “. . . the intolerable lucidity of insomnia weighted upon him. He [the main character] tried to explore the jungle to exhaust him; amidst the hemlocks, he…

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