Dmaic Analysis In Healthcare

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Over the seven week course of Quality and Lean for Healthcare, the lesson explicates the understanding of Lean and six sigma yellow belt. Are project was to develop a team that was assign to a project manager in a new area within our hospital/organization. The tasked is to increase quality and lower cost in the process of applying Value Stream and Kaizen mapping. Within our discussion, we observed the understanding of the 8 waste, Lean thinking, Toyota Methodology and how to improve workflow.
Many healthcare organizations have turned to performance improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma to manage their costs, productivity, customer needs, and operational growth. Healthcare providers strive to improve service quality
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DMAIC used to Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control business performance. The DMAIC operates the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of organization processes across any industry. Each acronym represent a phase of process improvement. D for “define”, this phase represent the customer, the critical issues and the core business involvement. M for “measure”, the performance of the core business involvement. A for “analyze” , the data collection and process mapping to determine the root causes or defects in support of opportunities for improvement. I for “Improve” to improve the process by designing creative solutions to fix and prevent the problem. C for “Control” the improvements to keep the process on the new course. As a project manager, they face the challenges and of improving the issues and problems by developing efficiency and productivity for the business(s). The DMAIC steps, helps the project manager and team to a more organized approach to help solve any organization matters. This approach of six sigma can be used for any industry or with any type of process enhancement

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