Essay on Analysis Of ' Priestley 's ' Powder '

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Powder In the short story “Powder”, the theme love is portrayed the most through deep connections between father and son. These two characters alone express bond that love can create between families. A father and son begin to drive through the snow storm until they are stopped at a road block by an officer. Love is first shown when the father stops to tell the son that they have to make it back in time for dinner so that the mom won’t feel let down once again as she has been lately. This is evident when he says, “she won’t forgive me. Do you understand? Never.”. This particular scene allows the reader to understand how upset it made the father to disappoint his son’s mother. His love for her and his son is so strong that it seemed as if it would tear him apart to see his significant other upset. When someone loves somebody else, every situation, or conflict that is encountered is taken on with those loved ones in mind. Being able to put significant others first is a representation in itself on how strong the love is and how much this emotional feeling can push limits some never know they have. When the father says that he wants them to be together again, it becomes evident that he is willing sacrifice anything to keep the family together. Time passes and the snow storm appears to have calmed down. He finally decides to go against the officer’s wishes. At this point, the danger that can possibly be ahead could not stop them from making it home for Christmas Eve dinner.…

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