Analysis Of Philophobia

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Philophobia: fear of love or falling in love. Feelings you get when you’ve witnessed being hurt over and over again by multiple people or even someone you truly loved. A feeling you think you will never overcome, no matter how much you grow. For me this was something new, falling for a damaged individual was never in my plan. When I first met my “forever” I was only 13, and here it is 6 years later and my “forever” will never exist again. Beginning as friends, I never wanted more because the bond was so rare. It was something I never felt before, and hoped to never feel again. Surprisingly, I decided to take a chance… in hopes that it will be worth it. However, I found out it may have been the worst decision I’ve ever made. When
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The young man was so saccharine and so kind, which made me more venerable by the day. He composed the most heartwarming letters and did whatever there was to keep me ecstatic. All was well, until one day someone came to me with some news I wasn’t too fond of. I was informed that my “forever” was involved in other relations, which he never brought to my attention himself. Based off my emotions, I stopped talking to him, not giving him a chance to explain or even tell the truth. Although I was young, I loved the attention, but didn’t really know about relationships or what it took to be in one. However, I knew was that I genuinely liked this guy, and I was flabbergasted to hear the devastating news. So then, I took initiative to do what was best for me; which was to leave. Over time I decided to give it a try, but he was no longer the same person. Due to his past relationships his outlook on everyone was completely different. He was no longer into the affection, he expected me to hurt him like everyone else, and the biggest problems of all, he wouldn’t commit. I didn’t really think too much of it because he always told me that it was nothing serious. I just strongly disliked that he felt the need to lie about any and …show more content…
He went transformed back the person I considered my “forever”. He was indeed my all, my best friend, boyfriend, support system, and the love of my life. After dating for a couple of months our relationship started to take a turn for the worst… again of course. Attitudes soon turned into little arguments here and there which turned into an everyday thing. I thought relationships had their ups and downs but, who was I to complain? I was in love so I was willing to stick through it. Unfortunately, His mind was on a different page. Thinking it will get better soon, I was actually pushing him away. I assumed I pushed him too far because he did what he promised he will never do again, and that was

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