Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's The Banking Concept Essay

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Today’s society has an interminable hunger for knowledge. Being that knowledge is sold as the key to success and a brighter future. More than ever certain levels of knowledge and vocation are required to be employed. Education plays an intricate role in everyone’s life. The purpose of it is to make one informed of what the world has to offer and Education should unlock the potential inside a person. The education system shows awareness of civilization’s progression but does not fully equips students to be full participants. Education should be a driving force that directs its pupils to their purpose or career.
Many students have difficulties discovering what their purpose is. One reason being is most of the times they are being subjected to knowledge that has nothing to do with their existential reality. Education should broaden the mind of a person to the possibilities that the future holds for them. It seems to be the case that teachers are too busy feeding their minds with information that’s inessential to most of the student’s future. In Paulo Freire 's essay "The Banking Concept of Education," he identifies the issues of conventional teaching that is ineffective in the education system. The banking concept is structured to have its adherent’s subject themselves to a lower level of consciousness. It requires an adaptation to oppression rather than modifying oppressive infrastructures. The students in today’s society are perceived to be ignorant subjects and the teachers…

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