Analysis Of Patricia Johnson 's Life Essay

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Patricia Johnson is a 68 year old woman with the most loving family that anyone could ever hope to have, and one I am very proud to say I am apart of. She was married to her husband Edward Johnson for 25 years, and was a loving step-mother to his three boys. She has always been very independent and stressed to my sister and I the importance of this quality in a woman. When she fell in love with my grandfather, she says, she gave him some of her business savvy skills, and he gave her more companionship that she did not know she ever wanted. As the oldest daughter of four other children, she always felt that she spent her younger years being a “mother” she did not have a desire to have her own children. So when she married my grandfather, a divorced man with three older sons, she got the “child experience” with the “hard work all done” she says. While she was not always a welcome member of our family, because of my paternal grandmother’s hostility toward her, my mother saw the way she was treated and gave her the place in our family that she deserves. Since my grandfather’s passing, as well as my paternal grandmother’s, Grandma Pat has become an even more significant woman in my life, showing me what it looks like to be a woman in the professional world.
My grandfather was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October 2008. Her first reaction to his diagnosis was hopeful since my grandfather’s Urologist had indicated he thought he could give his patient a good outcome. They still…

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