The Bucket List: Health, Relationships, And Death In Late Adulthood

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The Bucket List is a film featuring two main characters in late adulthood; Carter Chambers a blue-collar mechanic and Edward Cole a billionaire. After meeting in a hospital room, both men are diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and are given limited time to live. The men decide to create a bucket list of all the experiences they want before death. In their late adulthood, Carter and Edward are faced with various stages and difficulties. The main three I will be focusing on are Health, Relationships, and Death. These three concepts play a major role in late adulthood and are portrayed throughout the film to help reflect the challenges and joys that late adulthood brings.
In this paper, I will state how the Bucket List relates to three concepts in human development; Health in late adulthood including Erikson’s Integrity vs Despair, Relationships in late adulthood including Socioemotional Selective Theory and Death in late adulthood including Selective Optimization with Compensation Theory.
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In the movie, we see our characters struggle with their physical health when they’re both diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In the textbook, it is shown the leading cause of death in late adulthood is cancer (Murphy, Xu & Kochanek, 2012). We witness them struggle through chemotherapy and sleepless nights, the many drugs and disease taking effect on their bodies throughout their hospital stay. Even after leaving the hospital we see Carter face an accident with his health when traveling. These examples display what it’s like to struggle with disease in late adulthood. We are able to witness the difficulty to fight a disease and the emotions of losing the fight when the cancer becomes

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