Analysis Of Our Town By Thornton Wilder

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Thornton Wilder from classical era , that use a lot of language and poetry. From the success, he had the honour that is great for play staging especially in dialogue usage as a speech way. According to study Paris, in interview wilder states theatre as art that is largest it is walk most immediate in field of arts and art is part that can be shared with between one another. Theatre is glory because it study a lot imagination, style reflect self, rhythm dialect in speech.
Throughout the play, the dialogue reads smoothly and convincingly. For example, as the Stage Manager describes the cemetery, he comments on patriotism: "New Hampshire boys . had a notion that the Union ought to be kept together. . And they went and died about it " Later, as
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For example Mrs Webb's comment on Emily's hair ribbon condition. apart from that comparison in terms of social Corners Grover, Mr Webb gives comparison between cream and milk.." I guess we're all hunting like everybody else for a way the diligent and sensible can rise to the top and the lazy and quarrelsome can sink to the bottom ".
Structure that use in Our Town by Thornton Wilder's direction sets himself as Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee William,William Inge and American theatrical drama writer that the time have the innovations. He uses third play part as basic structure to be played, however at this time he is still using differences from tradition. Thornton Wilder looks into a structure which can light a conservation theme and his way can present a view on small life at a American
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this final act change setting from Corner Grover's road to cemetery in the rural. Wilder also laid overall on human life that formulate division play third play. Wilder also revealed in level that display story line that have no view only equipment only. Minimalist technique that Wilder try to explore with Town Our, namely make daily object representing every structure that larger there is a counter that become drugstore, a trellis represent family and garden. Thepurpose is reduce the fractionation scope and wish to emphasise thing that is usual and restore trivia life. with way activate audience imagination, he can stimulate them by incorporating themselves as object that is larger and well off and live within the

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