Analysis Of Oryx And Crake By Margaret Atwood Essay examples

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The novel of Oryx and Crake is a science fiction developed by Margaret Atwood in 2003. It describes a possible future of human beings associated with the elements of misusing bioengineering science powers, death of literature and post-apocalyptic scenarios. It can be identified as an anti-utopia novel that believes an ostensibly peaceful society with various kinds of uncontrollable evils inside. The stories of this novel unfold with the two-clued structure associated with the interactions among three principal characters – Jimmy, Crake and Oryx. One clue is the post-apocalyptic scenario at present that only Jimmy as the last human being is existed in the world. It describes that Jimmy had to live in the post-apocalyptic world with the daily fight with various gene-splicing monsters in order to take care the crakers which are made by Crake. Another clue is the world before the post-apocalypse. It describes the misuse of bioengineering science powers by large transnational enterprises that forces Crake with Jimmy and Oryx to change the world into a utopian society. Therefore, the relationships among Jimmy, Crake and Oryx as interdependence and leadership, and the different values and ways of three characters to understand the world as goodness and evilness, rightness and wrongness and utopia and anti-utopia, both convey the thoughts of Atwood associated with the future of human society, the implication of technology development and the nature of human beings.
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