Analysis Of ' Ophelia ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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heart. He is not played as the villain and his death actually inspires a sense of loss in the movie that was simply a momentary plot structure in the play. Polonius seems to get so wrapped up in the adventure of what is going on and the game of manipulation that when he ends up dead, it is as shocking to him as the viewer (Keahmann). Despite this positive on behalf of the movie version, it does more harm than good to the overall state of the work. The change in emotional dynamics leaves the character of Ophelia to be portrayed in a manner that detracts. Ophelia is a character mistreated by the movie version. The lack of female characters in the play makes the two there are more important. The queen is basically a mindless twit that seems content as long as her lifestyle of luxury and perpetual attention is not disturbed (Shakespeare). Ophelia is to be the saving grace of the female gender. In the play she is very loyal to her father when it came to him telling her what to do. She is a good person who doesn’t want to see anyone hurt or mistreated. She comes to the business of “helping” Hamlet with vivid concern and her heart on her sleeve (Johnson). She does care for him and is extremely worried by his depression and growing darkness. Ophelia is one of the only people who is concerned about the manner in which the others are trying to “help” Hamlet. She is uncomfortable with the lies.
The personality change in the play is dramatic and one can feel her fall into…

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