Analysis Of Okonkwo's Things Fall Apart

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Register to read the introduction… The only acceptable thing for Okonkwo to do is to flee to his mother?s tribe, where he would be exiled for seven years. After Okonkwo and his family departed, the clansmen went and burned down his obi?s and his compound. Everything that Okonkwo had worked for had been destroyed. This is very symbolic. Although the death was accidental, Okonkwo had to make amends with the earth goddess and his clansmen by leaving. His friends burnt down his buildings because they had to reconcile with the earth goddess. Okonkwo was exiled to live with his mother?s family in a place called Mbanta. He and his family were taken in by his mother?s brother, Uchendu. He is given a plot of land to cultivate and a place to build home for his family. Okonkwo is very prosperous in his mother?s homeland, but he longs for the day that he can return to Umuofia and rebuild his compound and …show more content…
Okonkwo had great plans for regaining his titles and reputations. He had two daughters who were of age to be married, he plannes on initiating his sons in the ozo society, and his friend Obrierika had been taking care of his fields for him. He was surprised to find that the white man had not been driven out of Umuofia, he had thought that his clansmen would not be womanly like his mother?s clansmen, and that they would drive the white man out of their villages. But the Igbos were actually quite tolerant of the white man and his religion. Mr. Brown, the head of the church, and Akunna, an elder, would engage in discussions of theology, and while neither succeeded in converting the other, they helped each other understand the other?s views. The white man had also brought a form of government with him, which Okonkwo and several of the other town leaders learned first hand. At an annual ceremony, a new convert name Enoch had unmasked one of the egwugwu, an elder dressed as an ancestor. The Igbo?s were furious, so several of their strongest men and the egwugwi from all nine villages of Umoufia, including Okonkwo, went and burned down the church of the white men. They were soon gathered and taken to see the Commissioner, where they were held until their village would pay their ransom of 250 cowries. The men were beaten and Okonkwo was filled with a rage. Later when messengers came to disperse a meeting, Okonkwo, knowing that his clansmen would do nothing to drive the white men away form their villages, killed a messenger. He then went home and committed

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