Analysis Of Nineteen Shades Of Grey Essay

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The movies, Pretty Woman and Fifty Shades of Grey, are seen to most viewers as classic fairytale films where a normal girl falls in love with her rich, handsome prince. In both films, the “rags to riches” appeal is sensationalized and made appealing. However, beneath these romanticized relationships are characteristics of abusiveness. Even though these elements are subtle in the film, they reinforce the unfortunate gender roles and hierarchy in society.
In the film, Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian Grey persuades a virgin named Anastasia Steele to participate in a bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism (BDSM) lifestyle. Christian and Ana live vastly different lifestyles. Christian is a rich, powerful executive; whereas Ana is a middle-class college student. Although the movie portrays Christian and Ana’s relationship as a romantic, “Cinderella-story” fairytale, feminist author Roxanne Gay argues that their relationship is really a “detailed primer for how to successfully engage in a controlling, abusive relationship” (Gay, 201). Gay counteracts the film’s intention of being a primer for sexual pleasure by stating that it actually encourages abusive relationships. In fact, she says, “The trilogy represents the darkest kind of fairy tale, one where controlling and borderline abusive tendencies are made to seem intensely desirable by offering the reader big heaping spoonfuls of sweet, sex sugar to make the medicine go down” (Gay, 201). Gay states that the movie strives…

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