Analysis Of Nick Solchuk 's School Friend Essay

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1. The narrator of this story is Nick Solchuk 's school friend. Consequently the main conflict in the story as well as the characters of Old Solchuk and Nick Solchuk are revealed through this unbiased character. Use a graphic organizer (ie., frame routine, note-making framework, summary sheet, mind map) to arrange your ideas:
a. Describe Nick Solchuk as revealed through his own dialogue, through his father 's reflections, and through other characters.

Nick 's father, Old Solchuk describe Nick as Asmodeus, a king of demon due to Nick 's scientific study on "God 's creation" and his denial on old belief that world was flat. But, he still care about Nick, which was shown when he kept Nick 's broken globe. AS for other town folks, they are proud of him. Old Mister Marshall is an example, as he said to narrator that they (town folks) are proud of Nick.

b. Describe Old Solchuk as revealed through his own dialogue, through his son 's reflections, and through other characters.

Like father and son, Nick care about his father. He ask narrator to visit his father for him. He tells us that his sister sends him letters, but not his father and ask narrator to tell is father that he is not a demon, hoping his father would send him a letter.

c. In what ways are Nick and his father alike? In what way are they different? Account for these differences.

The only difference between them are: Nick believes in science. His father believed science is s false belief that was made by…

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