Lorraine Hansberry's Poem 'And The Pink Rabbit'

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“HEY, Bunnies! Now the time to Race today”
A BIG FAT Rabbit with specs and expensive blue suit announced with A Mike in his hand. He is standing in the Exact center of the racing track. His hands are white, ears are white from the outer side and red at the inner. He is looking exactly as a Big fatty rabbit looks.
After listening to this, a bunch of rabbits starts running to the cars of them. They are all kind of rabbits, The black rabbits, white ones, brown and in different shades, most of them are white. Except one, THE Pink Rabbit, - He says “wheeeeee”. Usually, he says that phrase when he gets excited and happy of course. His name is PINK, just because his body color is baby pink, he has shiny blue eyes, long enough ears, and a little tail. He wears a T-shirt with a slogan ‘CHAMP’ in front of it and TWENTY-EIGHT mentioned in numeric
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They are accelerating them again and again.
A huge crowd of rabbits is cheering around Loudly. Some of them are hooting too.
“SO My lovely bunnies” Anchor starts again “This is a Three-mile quick race, winning price is A DOZEN BUNCH of Carrots as you like”
Rabbits cheers again..
“Yeah! That’s a great price” a Rabbit in the audience shouted.
“Wheeeeeeeee” Pink smiles and blinks his shiny biggie eyes.
A girl rabbit in skirts with a Flag in her hand Shout “ON YOUR MARK RABBITS?”
“Yeahhhhhhh” All the racers answer together.
Suddenly Anchor says in mike “Wait, Look! Who is coming!”
Everybody turned their eyes for that one…
“OH Man! BRUNO is here!” He announces with a big smile and Clap
Bruno wearing a black and Brown leather jacket, matching pants, Shiny goggles in his eyes, smiling and waving to the audience. He takes Big roaring powerful car with him.
Anchor continues “As you already know fellas, MR. Bruno is a Seven-time champion of this Race. Thus he never ever purchased a single carrot till day. So give a big run applause to

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