Analysis Of Nebutud Fealadsef And The Flex Tape

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Nebutud Fealadsef and the Flex Tape®

As he was visiting the Swintar Galaxy, Nebutud Fealadsef, a naval general, saw that just as North Korea, so the galaxy was really economically depressed. People were using slingshots to get to other planets, people built spaceships out of tin cans, and there was no strong government. He wondered what he could do to help them.

He thought to look into the government. It was a democratic republic, but it wasn’t democratic or a republic. It was a communistic government run by ten aristocrats from different star systems. If only he could help these poor people. But he had more important matters to take care of at home, like buy flex tape® for his wife. She has leaky pipes at home. Back at his home galaxy, Quars, Nebutud went to Meijers and bought one hundred and fifty dollars’ worth of flex tape. As he was leaving Meijers, he got a call from his boss telling him that there was a rebellion in Swintar and the Swintar navy needed reinforcements. This was Nebutud’s chance to liberate the Swintarians. He called his wife, telling her that he wouldn’t be home until 9:00 PM. Then, he flew to the Swintar galaxy in about twenty minutes.
Back at the Swintar Galaxy, Nebuted docked at a naval station. There, he met Officer Forquesi. He had to make his choice now. Join their Navy, or join the rebellion. If he joined the rebellion, he would be fired from the Navy. He thought carefully and decided to stick with the Navy.
In Forquesi’s office, a

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