Analysis Of Naguib Mahfouz 's Assia Djebar And Khayriyah Ibrahim

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There is an old English proverb that states “Behind every great man there is a great women”, In nearly every culture, every religion, every race and every society we see male domination. It 's often simply due to genetics !!. In Naguib Mahfouz, Assia Djebar And Khayriyah Ibrahim as-Saqqaf stories the poets wrote about the suffering and struggle of the women in various communities. Also in these stories it shows the role of the women and men in some society. The first story The Answer Is No by Naguib Mahfouz he wrote about a women who has been rappied by her teacher when she was young and he told her that he is going to propose to her when she come of age and left her without telling her parents, years passed he came to propose to her but at that time she has no desire to be with partner. For the second story My Father Writes To My Mother is was about how the mother break the rules even thought it was shame to break them but she and her husband stood together against everybody. The father ( Tahar) send to his wife a letter with a short greeting signed simply with his first name and he had written “Madame” to his wife which was against the rules but he wanted to change and be with his wife. The third story The Assassination of Light at the River’s Flow is about a girl who love school so much and she would never wants to quit studying, she lived far from her house because her school was there, one day her parents told her that they wants her to visit them she was worried…

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