Analysis Of My Race My Location, My Education

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My Race, My Location, My Education Every child in America is given the right to free education. While all American children are entitled to an education, however, this does not mean every child in America receives equal educational opportunities. Every aspect of a child’s identity shapes his or her education in a unique way. Identity is also influenced by society. Colorblind racism and other domains of power affect student success. As a white student, race positively effects my educational opportunities, while geographic location hindered opportunities available to me. My experience overall, should also be viewed through the lens of colorblind racism, providing examples of how society as a whole creates unequal opportunities for children. Being born to a white family in a predominately white …show more content…
One of these domains is the structural domain of power. In this domain racism is organized through social institutions such as schools (Hill-Collins 53). Schools use this domain to admit certain students to their institutions and omit others. Elite Universities use this domain often to their advantage, but to the disadvantage of many low income students. “Only 34 percent of high-achieving high school seniors in the bottom fourth of income distribution attend any one of the country’s 238 most selective colleges” (Leonhardt 3). This is partially due to the fact that low income students cost colleges one million dollars in endowment (Perez-Pena 10). Colleges would rather spend their money on other investments, then admitting low income students. Claremont is not the only community affected by these disadvantages. Nationally students of color make up a large percentage of low income students. As a result, students of color are disproportionately affected by this power in the college admissions

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