Analysis Of My Mother's Fight Against Education Inequality In America

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My Mother’s Fight Against Education Inequality in America
Inequality, as a concept is hard to quantify but, the disparity between the rich and poor in education is concrete. As America slides down the ranks in education on the world stage, the underprivileged youth suffers. In America, the land of opportunity, poor children still must overcome their socioeconomic status to receive an education equal to their richer counterparts. Education is more than an opportunity; it is a fundamental right. In United States of America, no child should be denied a great education no matter their parent’s income or what city they live in.
These were the beliefs that inspired Christine Suma, my mom, mother of twelve, and lifelong Clevelander to enter her children
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He stated it was in violation of the separation of church and state because Cleveland parents were choosing to send their children to private parochial schools. My mother saw things differently and through her activism stressed that parents should decide where their tax dollars for education go. With these ideas in mind the slogan “the dollar should follow the scholar” was created. Confused as to why funding was present to allow her children to attend college anywhere, even Catholic institutions but not elementary schools she began to question. She challenged why her tax dollars were spent on a failing school district instead of her children that attended elsewhere. The School Choice movement emphasized equal access to quality education. Parents with higher incomes should not be the only ones that have choice when it comes to their child’s …show more content…
Through School Choice, low-income families have alternatives to the public school system. As my mother’s youngest child her efforts guaranteed me a spot in Our Lady of Good Counsel’s kindergarten allowing me and my siblings to attend a good school without financial strain on my family. As fate would have it my mom gave her first speech while she was pregnant with me on the Statehouse steps in downtown Columbus. Now, because of her efforts in the fight for education I have come full circle, and I am able to complete my higher education at Ohio

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