Analysis Of ' My Last Duchess ' By Robert Browning Essays

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Complex and unstable gender relations are found not only in culture, but havealso been expressed in literature. Oppressive patriarchal structures have given preference to males in societial structure. Furthermore for the first few centuries of printing, women had no voice. For a period of time, the female character was only represented by males, or by females writing under a male pseudonyms. Now that women have robustly emerged in the printed word, the gender wars have taken on a more balanced dimension. Analyzing seminal writers Browning, Spera, Hemingway, Updike, and Oates how the gender wars have been represented in literature. In Robert Browning’s poem My Last Duchess the female does not give the female character a voice. First and for more, this is accomplished by the fact that the female character is dead.The poem is a monologue between the Duke and his servant, reminiscing about woman while looking at a painting hangs in her place. The very title suggests that she may not have been the last Duchess, but one in a line of parading partners. The servant is on an errand on behalf of a powerful man who is offering his daughter to be the next Duchess. The Duke does not seem to mourn his lossof his wife. But rather,the first aspect of his late wife that he describes is that she smiled too much at other men, as if she did not appreciate the debt of love she owed the Duke. The poem…

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