Analysis Of ' Mr. De Winter 's Mansion ' Essay

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Furthermore, in Rebecca, Mr. De Winter’s mansion sets a sort of lonely atmosphere. It is surrounded with woods with not much to do but hunt. Even Giles, Mr. De Winter’s brother in law comments on the lack of things to do, “There is nothing else to do around here” (Rebecca). Also, living out in the woods includes many dangers. If trouble were to arise it would take some time before others could arrive to help. In an article by Jane Costlow, she comments on the dangers of a forest, “these are [threatening] landscapes … even when trees remain long after an estate has fallen to ruin” (10). The estate in this movie is not in ruin for the majority of the movie but it is still threatening. A forest is full of shadows and darkness and one cannot see very far into it. Forests can hide many dangers that could harm the characters living in the mansion. Therefore, the mansion as a whole sets the potentially dangerous atmosphere because the two are living in an isolated area surrounded by a dangerous forest. Moreover, in the movie Rebecca, the scene where the new Mrs. De Winter retrieved Jasper had multiple aspects in the setting that set the atmosphere. When Jasper runs off from Mr. and Mrs. De Winter he runs to a boat house. The boat house itself is setting a dangerous atmosphere. Although the movie is in black and white it is clear that the boat house is made up of some dark colours. Light colours are very cheery but dark colours suggest a lot of negativity. Also it is made with…

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