Analysis Of Moral Courage And How Good People Make Tough Choices

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Rushworth Kidder the author of Moral Courage as well as How Good People Make Tough Choices was born on May 8, 1944 and died on March 5, 2012. He was dedicated in exploring the ideas of moral values as well as helping individuals and organizations to put the values into practice. The book addresses on how to resolve tough choices through vigorous self-reflection. Solving issues in a manner implying that those people have some conscious sense of vision as well as ethical values which give courage to stand up to the tough choices.
The thesis of this book, “How Good People Make Tough Choices” analyzes discussions as well as evaluates various aspects of life more especially to individuals , which help in making choices. For instance, Kidder Rushworth analyzes four aspects; they include truth versus loyalty, individual versus community, short-term versus long –term and justice versus mercy. These aspects fundamentally helped to seek and understand how ethical theory plays into the idea of media and communication. In addition, this book presents case studies, which displays ethical theories as well as ways of ethical thinking. The author of the book believes that ethics is a public issue and a personal matter since teachers have the obligation to help their children to see the potentiality of rationality as well as objectivity in
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In essence, cultural relativism seeks to make all people equal by making culture equal. The book suggests that there is need to acknowledge our sense of knowledge to our sense of self since our senses are dependent on our culture. Tolerating diversity has great consequences of promoting experiment in living. For instance, different people find their happiness in different ways hence diversity in the society promotes the utmost good for the best

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