Essay on Analysis Of Montclair State University Family

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Montclair State University Family Analysis Paper Families are dynamic and ever-changing, enjoying times of peace and enduring times of crisis as they grow. My family is no different, as we have experienced many different periods of growth throughout our lives. Unexpected and expected life stressors forced my family to adapt and change. While we are not perfect, we overcame hardships in the best way we could and embraced the changes in our lives. This autobiographical look at the dynamics my family reviles how my family contributed to who I am today. My family is a nuclear family comprised of my father and mother, myself, and two younger sisters. My father is a elevator technician and my mother is a licensed clinical social worker. My middle sister is two years younger than me and in college, and my youngest sister is six years younger than me and is a senior in high school. My parents have been married for twenty-seven years and continue to have a good relationship. We are fairly close to my mother’s side of the family and less close to my father’s. My maternal grandparents are from Italy and hold strong traditional Italian values; whereas, my paternal grandparents hold more americanized traditions. Additionally, my mothers side of the family is all in close proximity to one another, and my father’s side lives throughout the country. I believe that my extended family, particularly my grandparents, also influenced my family and who I am today.
Younger Years (Elementary…

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