Analysis Of Money For Morality By Mary Arguelles Essay

702 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 3 Pages
Have you ever wondered what shapes someone’s ethical choices? As a society it is easy to see how much morals and values can vary between one person and another. Everyone grows up in different situations, which gives them different outlooks on the world. People also associate themselves with different kinds of people. Some may not realize it, but they will look to others around them in a desperate time to see how they should react. There are many factors that can contribute to someone’s ethical choices; two of them are how a person is raised, and whether or not a person is alone in the time of an emergency. One factor that influences ethical choices is how a person is raised. In “Money for Morality” Mary Arguelles discusses that people in our society no longer do things because it is the right or moral thing to do; instead they do things with the question of what’s in it for them. She uses an example of an eight year-old boy who finds an envelope with six hundred dollars in it. The boy was raised with moral values, and returned the money to the bank where they tracked down who the money belonged to. The man who lost this money rewarded the boy with three dollars, not necessary, but a gift to show he was thankful. Without considering what this man’s money was to be used for teachers at the boys school decided three dollars wasn’t enough, and raised the boy one hundred and fifty dollars for his honesty. This shows that maybe the people who young children look up to are more…

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