Essay about Analysis Of ' Millennials ' By Ron Fournier

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Millennials in Politics
(1) Amongst the millennial generation today, millennials are perceived as being self entitled and only worried about their own self preservation.The author Ron Fournier argues that many people from different generations are frustrated and strongly believe that the millennial generation will cause a great downfall in our political system today due to their lack of confidence in our government. Fournier in his essay, discusses the common misconceptions about millennials and refutes them with examples of how millennials are taking big steps to radically change our political system. Similar to Fournier, authors David and Jack Cahn, address the various doubts other generations have about millennials, but counter this misconception with how this generation is the exact opposite of these stereotypes and exemplify what they can really achieve in our political system. This Cahn “manifesto” extends Fournier’s logical conclusion about revolutionary, or worse, millennial political goals.
(2) Self preservation, is first introduced through Hobbes’s, an English philosopher, natural laws. Hobbes establishes the idea that a man’s right to self preservation is the first law of nature “each man hath to use his own power as he will himself for the preservation of his own nature” (Hobbes 1). Based off of Hobbes’ natural law of self preservation, collective preservation can be the act of one taking action to use “his power” not only to benefit himself, but also others…

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