Analysis Of Mikhail Lermontov 's A Hero Of Our Time Essay

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Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time is a unique novel that not only focuses on various narrative perspectives but also reveals extensive character analysis through different styles of writing. From the unnamed narrator to the various women that will play critical roles in analyzing Pechorin, Lermontov presents the readers with strategic, yet poised structure throughout the novel. Character analysis of Pechorin, a complex character with a cynical personality, allows readers to understand how manipulation, innocence, and power through love can be all used to emerge as an immoral hero. As readers learn more about Pechorin through his journal, he is definitely not an ordinary character. Pechorin often contradicts with other men and uses power not just for himself, but against others. He is a man who enjoys competition and jealousy that go against many morals and ethics in the society. His obscene behavior toward women reveals his personality as well. Whenever Pechorin approaches a woman, it is hard to sense genuineness or truthfulness from his language. In the chapter of Princess Mary, readers experience the most direct insight of Pechorin. For example, Pechorin states “I often wonder why I’m trying so hard to win the love of a girl I have no desire to seduce and whom I’d never marry” (Lermontov 102). To Pechorin, the definition of love is rather different. The initial relationship between Princess Mary and Pechorin is not the most favorable one, but he has the power to…

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