Analysis Of Michelle Obama And Mike Rose Essay

982 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Education is a resource that is available to most people in the United States. The value and the ways it is administered often various from person to person. Michelle Obama and Mike Rose are both advocates of educational value. They exhibit their positions on education in two documents; Blue-Collar Brilliance by Mike Rose and Bowie State University Commencement Speech by Michelle Obama. Rose’s document focuses on the degrading of educational attributes that are not gained in the preferred environment such as school. He seems to argue that the things that are learned outside of school through hands on experiences are just as valuable as the things learned in a schooling environment. However, Michelle’s speech does not argue on which intakes of learning are more valuable; instead she argues that gaining an education and continuing to enhance that education is important in living a healthy and successful life. Although both advocates are arguing the values of education, their methods of distributing their stance differs, and Obama method is more effective in delivering her purpose to her intended audience.
The tone in which each advocate delivers their document differs, Obama’s tone makes it perspicuous that her purpose is to motivate her audience; Rose’s tone seems to be didactic in delivering his intended message to his audience. Rose admits to having a personal background with his topic which is displayed throughout the document. Rose states “When I was growing up in Los…

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