Analysis Of Michael Pollen 's Article On Eating Meat Essay

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Chap 2 - Where Did Sustainablatarian Come From?

I sit before you a self proclaimed Sustainablatarian. I’ve come through a long list of food and lifestyle choices and here is where I am today.

Many years ago, I heard someone say “be true to yourself” so I quit eating meat. I had wanted to for a while, but it’s hard to go against the grain; to do other than what our culture tells us is “normal”. When I was growing up the hippies from the 60’s were still “weirdo’s” so that’s what I learned was the definition of weird. Since those weird hippies were vegetarians I didn’t want to be that. But sometimes it only takes finally listening to something we’ve heard a million times.
My choice was partially a dietary choice. I told myself that if I didn’t eat the meat I would have to supplement my diet was something and hopefully it would be healthier. And partially it was an ethical choice. I had read Michael Pollen’s article “Power Steer” among other things and knew about how animals are treated and believe it to be wrong. I don’t object to animals dying because that’s part of the cycle of life. Something has to die so the something else can live. I used to say I feel just as guilty about the broccoli dying as the cow dying. I don’t actually feel very guilty about either because I believe it’s the way Mother Nature set up our system.

Over time the dietary choice has melded with the ethical choice. It’s healthier for me to eat food that was raised healthfully. I’m still…

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