Analysis Of Melissa Hardy 's The Heifer Essay

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The Ambiguity of Gender The Oxford Dictionary defines gender as “the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)”, meaning that sex and gender are not necessarily the same thing. In society, certain rules and guidelines have been set up for both genders and members of the respective communities are expected to follow these guidelines. In the short story “The Heifer” by Melissa Hardy, the main character, Aina, goes against gender norms and displays qualities that are often attributed to men. These qualities include strength, dedication, and intelligence: as exemplified through Aina’s creative thinking, such as figuring out how to get the cow over the frozen lake, and through her realization that her neighbor Lantheir was not a trustworthy. In the story, Aina appears to serve as foil to her soft and unmotivated husband, Uwe. Uwe’s irresponsibility is evident throughout the story, and makes him seem like an unreliable wimp. This is demonstrated in the story when he gives up trying to ready the soil on his farm to start growing and instead decides to go work in the mines to get rich quickly. After working for years to save up money to buy a farm and bring Aina over to Canada, he gives up on his goal very quickly. Aina, on the other hand, has more determination and willpower to achieve her goals. When she decides that she has to get her cow, Olga, over the frozen lake, she works tirelessly all day…

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