Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Essay

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Maya Angelou writes I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to inform the reader about how rough growing up as a “Unattractive” black child was. She writes the book using the themes of family, race to appearance, and the resistance toward racism that is shown multiple different time. She also uses multiple different symbols throughout the story like the store or the easter dress that her “Momma” makes her to support her themes. Maya supports her themes with the beautiful, intense writing styles that tell us a true, honest story of her youth.

The first theme that was introduced was family. Throughout the story Maya writes about her experiences which a lot of them included her family surrounding. In the beginning of the book, it tells us about how her parents split up and sent Maya and her brother, Bailey, to live with their grandmother, who they later called “momma.” The reason this theme is important to the story is because Maya often looks to her brother for support and says often he’s the only one she can truly trust to. She goes on in the book to say, “If he said, it was bound to be the truth. He wouldn’t lie to me.” (Referring to when Bailey claims to of seen “Mother Dear”). Which shows us, the close bond between the two siblings and how much she trusts her brother not to lie to her. Also we see that Maya goes on later in the book, after the court case against Mr. Freemans, that she tells us, “The thing I could do was to stop talking to people other than Bailey.” A few…

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